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224 Route 31 North

Washington, NJ 07882


For more information on the fire, please visit the Easton Express & the Warren Reporter through the links below.



April 12, 2013  12:03 AM



Not quite 6 months after losing our hoME TO Hurricane









we received a phone call, "Your gARAGE IS ON FIRE."


"Wow!", was pretty much all we could say for a while. After being distraught, numb, sad, disbelieving, angry and numb again, we started to follow the steps of things we need to do to move forward. It is a very slow process. It seems that a dangerous building can not be worked on to make it safe until someone else is paid to tell the people being paid to make the building safe that it is in fact a dangerous building. Huh? I do believe I have confused myself as well as you.


It is an extraordinary learning experience, trying to reconstruct records that are either in storage from the house issue or burnt to a crisp in the fire, but we are determined.


We would like to thank our loyal, amazing customers who have offered help and prayers of hope. You are amazing people and your strength will help get us back on track.


In the meantime, if you need anything, please call. Some jobs can be done at other locations and if we can't do what you need right now, we will refer you to soemone who can, until we are fully operational again. God Bless you all !!!


  Chuck & Linda